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Biology is the study of life. Biology courses taught in the department include an introductory course, a series of three courses for students majoring in Biology, and more specialized courses that focus on topics such as ecology, marine biology, and human biology.
Biology majors should note that the course sequence for the majors has recently been updated: Information for Biology Majors

Following is a list of all courses taught in the Biology discipline. Many of these courses are taught every semester, but be sure to check the current schedule for specific courses and locations. Each course number is linked to its specific description. Please also note our collection of field courses.

Biology course outlines

BIO 2.1 Fundamentals of Biology (Cell and Molecular)
BIO 2.2 Fundamentals of Biology (Evolution, Genetics, and Zoology)
BIO 2.3 Fundamentals of Biology (Botany and Ecology)
BIO 10 Introduction to Principles of Biology
BIO 12 Basic Concepts of Ecology
BIO 16 Introduction to Biology Through Current Issues
BIO 25 Marine Biology
BIO 27 Biology Marine Mammals
BIO 31 Tropical Biodiversity and Conservation
BIO 49 Independent Study in Biology
BIO 85.1 Pepperwood Natural History: Physical Environment
BIO 85.2 Pepperwood Natural History- Biotic Environment
BIO 100 Basic Biology Skills