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Microbiology is the study of the structure, function, and genetics of microorganisms. Microbiology is the third core prerequisite course for students interested in allied health professions. The department offers courses at the introductory and general level. The allied health programs that require microbiology as a prerequisite (nursing and dental hygiene) allow students to take either the introductory class (MICRO 60) or the general microbiology class (MICRO 5). Students should note that if they intend to transfer for their allied health studies most schools will only accept MICRO 5. (Read additional information on Allied Health Prerequisite Science Classes)

Following is a list of the courses taught in the Microbiology discipline. These courses are taught every semester, but be sure to check the current schedule for specific courses and locations. Each course number is linked to its specific description.

Microbiology course outlines

MICRO 5 General Microbiology
MICRO 60 Fundamentals of Microbiology