The Biological Sciences Department maintains a collection of prepared vertebrate specimens, which includes approximately 1,000 birds and mammals as study skins and museum mounts, as well as skulls and several complete skeletons. Our Botany lab features a herbarium, which includes specimens collected for over 50 years

Pepperwood Preserve

The department uses this 3,000-acre private nature preserve in a variety of classes. The preserve has a complex geological structure and offers a wide array of plant communities and fauna. For more information about the Pepperwood Preserve, see the listing in our "Links" section below.

Peter Leveque Natural History Lecture

This annual lecture is presented by the Biological Science Department during the fall semester. The program honors Peter V. Leveque who taught Biology with passion, commitment, and excitement at Santa Rosa Junior College for 40 years. The Leveque Lecture appeals to a wide range of interests and focuses on the natural history of plants and animals. Each speaker presents a topic that is broad in scope and will highlight conceptual themes and patterns illuminating the diversity and beauty of life forms and their ecology. Lectures are presented on a Friday evening on the Santa Rosa Campus and are free of charge.

Capri Creek

A part of Capri Creek runs through the Petaluma Campus and has the potential to be used in a variety of Biology courses. Capri Creek is a seasonal creek that flows after the winter rains until mid spring. The creek runs off Sonoma Mountain, crosses under Old Adobe Road, across the Petaluma Campus, and down to the Petaluma River through a greenbelt on the other side of Sonoma Mountain Road. The creek has been badly degraded over the years. Part of the creek was rerouted into a straight line to make a property boundary. The natural vegetation was long ago removed, leaving non-native, invasive grasses and other weeds. There are deep head cuts along the creek and it is highly channelized: the water is eating the creek into a deeper and deeper channel.

A restoration effort started in 1998 and continues today under the direction of Kirsten Swinstrom , Instructor of Biology at Santa Rosa Junior College, with student participation. The restoration began with planting native vegetation such as Valley Oaks, Live Oaks, Buckeyes, Oregon Ash, Box Elder, and many others. Unsuccessful attempts have been made to fix the head cuts along the creek. The restoration project offers an opportunity for student involvement, educational and work experience for students, improvement of wildlife habitat, and reduction of water pollution and erosion problems.



Anatomy and Physiology

SLIA Anatomy Lab Resource Website

Good visual Anatomy and Physiology reference

Diagrams and study aids for Anatomy students



Bat Conservation International

Free online Biology dictionary

Ecology articles



Botanical Society of America site



The Jepson Herbarium

Wildflower images


Careers in Science

Recruitment site that allows you to search by region


General Science

Electron microscope photo gallery


Local Resouces

Dorothy King Young Chapter California Native Plant Society

Pepperwood Preserve

Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation

Milo Baker Chapter of the California Native Plant Society (CNPS)

Santa Rosa Bird Rescue Center

The Marine Mammal Center

Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue

Sonoma Mycological Association