Fall 2020 update:

The Biological Sciences Department strives to provide a high-quality academic experience while prioritizing the health and wellbeing of our students, faculty, and staff. Given the continued seriousness and uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, the department will only offer courses in the fall that can be reasonably and effectively taught without severely compromising students’ academic preparedness for future courses and programs, either entirely online or with limited in-person labs meeting the required health and social distancing guidelines. All courses not meeting these criteria will be cancelled for the fall semester. 
We regret having to cancel any courses and we understand the potential delay for academic progress. These are extraordinary circumstances, hopefully short term. However, the Biological Sciences Department is committed to face-to-face and hands-on learning experiences in these foundational courses, which are fundamental and essential for the academic and career successes of SRJC biology students.


Welcome to the Wonderful World of Biology

The Biological Sciences Department at Santa Rosa Junior College focuses on quality education in biology for undergraduate students. Biology means the study of life, and can include courses in many sub-disciplines. Thus, we have courses listed under the following headings: Anatomy, Biology, Botany, Microbiology, and Physiology.

Map of Baker Hall

The Biological Sciences Department is as diverse and exciting as the world of biology, in terms of courses offered, our faculty and staff, as well as our facilities, which include extensive specimen collections.

  • The department serves a diverse group of students, including students who take a single introductory course as part of their general education, those who wish to continue their education at transfer institutions as Biology majors, students whose focus is preparation for a career in the allied health disciplines, and individuals who wish to pursue a personal interest in the natural world. 
  • The department offers courses leading to an A.A. or A.S. degree with a major in Biology or Pre-Allied Health (for allied health students).
  • The department offers field courses that focus on the natural world, especially Sonoma County. These courses present exciting opportunities to learn about the biological world up close and personal for both biology students and anyone with an interest in the natural world. The department has a close association with the Pepperwood Preserve.

The Biological Sciences Department welcomes you to come and find out more about our programs.

  • The department is located in Baker Hall, named for famous Sonoma County biologist Milo Baker.
  • The department sponsors one public interest lecture series: the Peter Leveque Natural History Lecture, held once each year in the spring semester.
  • Biological Sciences has an active independent study program. Students must have completed at least one course in the department and must have a faculty sponsor. They can participate in a research project or serve as teaching assistants in lab courses they have completed. During the 09/10 school year, students completed articulation of a variety of animal skeletons, including mountain lion, antelope and a giraffe in our research lab, room 1805. Their completed projects are on display in the Mahoney Library on the Petaluma campus.