Information for Biology Majors

Effective Fall 2013

Core Courses:

There are three primary courses required for biology majors. BIO 10 is a prerequisite for the biology majors series.

  • BIO 10 Introduction to Principles of Biology
  • BIO 2.1 Fundamentals of Biology (Cell and Molecular)
  • BIO 2.2 Fundamentals of Biology (Evolution, Genetics, and Zoology)
  • BIO 2.3 Fundamentals of Biology (Botany and Ecology)

Other Requirements:

NOTE: specific requirements for Chemistry, Math, and Physics can differ for UCs and USCs. Be sure to see a counselor to make correct course choices.

  1. CHEM 1A & 1B General Chemistry
    -OR- CHEM 4A & 4B General Chemistry with Quantitative Analysis
  2. MATH 1A Calculus, First Course
    -OR- MATH 15 Elementary Statistics with Computer -
    OR- MATH 24 College Algebra and Trigonometry
  3. PHYS 20 and 20L General Physics Part I
    -OR- PHYS 21 and 21L General Physics Part II
    -OR- PHYS 40 Physics for Scientists and Engineers
  4. LIR 10 Introduction to Information Literacy
    -OR- LIR 30 Information Literacy for Research Projects (this is a local requirement for SRJC AS degree)

Biology Major, Standard Course Sequence for required courses:

Semester 1- BIO 10 & CHEM 1A/4A & LIR 10
Semester 2- BIO 2.1 & CHEM 1B/4 & MATH 1A/8A/27
Semester 3- BIO 2.2 or 2.3 & PHYS 20, 20L
Semester 4- BIO 2.2 or 2.3 & PHYS 21