Department Facilities

Laboratories and Specimen Collections

The Biological Sciences Department has excellent facilities for the study of Biology. Most lecture rooms are equipped with computers and projection equipment.

Anatomy Lab

Anatomy lab, SRJCThe Anatomy laboratory includes separate rooms for cadaver dissection with state of the art ventilation, prosection storage and preparation, and a small computer lab for online and CD review of gross and microscopic anatomy. The Anatomy lab also contains an extensive collection of models and human bones.

Cell and Microbiology Lab

Cell and microbiology lab, SRJCThe Microbiology laboratory is equipped with autoclave, centrifuge, micro-centrifuge, and PCR thermocycler, which facilitates hands-on work with live bacteria and instruction on aseptic techniques and different types of growth media.

Zoology Lab

Zoology Lab, SRJCThe Zoology laboratory has a salt water table to maintain living specimens in the lab throughout the semester, and extensive collections of preserved invertebrate and vertebrate specimens.

Physiology Facility

The Physiology facility includes a computer lab with BioPac© available for student experiments.


There is a herbarium associated with the Botany lab, including specimens collected for over 50 years.