Anatomy & Physiology Course Descriptions

This is an outline of anatomy & physiology courses offered by the Life Sciences Department.
Each course is intended for a different group of students, primarily distinguished by the allied health program the student is planning to enroll in.

Course # Course Title Units Intended for...
ANAT 140 Fundamentals of Anatomy & Physiology 2 med. asst., dental asst., psych. tech.
ANAT 40 Intro to Human Anatomy & Physiology 4 paramedic
ANAT 58 Introduction to Human Anatomy 3 rad tech, LVN
ANAT 1 General Human Anatomy 5 ADN, dental hygiene, PT
PHYSIO 58 Introduction to Human Physiology 3 rad tech, LVN
PHYSIO 1 Human Physiology 5 ADN, dental hygiene, PT
Note the following:

Information about course prefixes:

  • anatomy courses have ANAT prefix
  • physiology courses have PHYSIO prefix
  • combined A&P courses also have ANAT prefix

The highest level courses are UC transferable (1);
Introductory courses are CSU transferable (58), except ANAT 40 = intro and both CSU and UC transferable;
Fundamental and basic skills course, ANAT 140, is for AA degree only

Non- health care bound students could take either:
ANAT 140 for a very basic overview of how the body works
ANAT 58 for introductory level, just anatomy, course (e.g. dance, art students)